Corporate Solutions
Corporate Travel Solutions is the business travel sector of one of the UK's leading independent travel groups - Worldchoice.

Corporate Travel Solutions is a membership benefit which you can bolt on to your existing Worldchoice membership.

Worldchoice have partnered with Uniglobe Travel International to provide additional support for our Members who either already have a focus on corporate travel or who are looking to develop their corporate sales.

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If you already have a number of corporate clients with a business travel turnover in excess of £5million, then the clear benefit to you of joining Uniglobe is that you will benefit from their airline net fares. This could be as much as a 4% saving on the standard fare. Your Worldchoice membership will mean that you qualify for a discount on the standard Uniglobe fee for the first five years of your Uniglobe membership.

In addition to net fares, Uniglobe can provide you with a host of support ancillary services including lounge passes, car & chauffeur services and passport & visa services.

If business travel and corporate clients are not the primary focus of your business, then it is unlikely that you will have sufficient turnover to warrant a full Uniglobe membership. If this is the case, then Corporate Travel Solutions can help with our Uniglobe Lite programme.  This solution will allow you to act as a sub-branch of our Uniglobe membership and qualify for the net fares through our IATA licence.

With Corporate Travel Solutions, you will also receive guidance on best practise for winning new corporate clients and marketing material to promote your leisure business to existing corporate customers.

To find out how we can support your corporate travel business call us on 01483 545 783 or email